It’s hard to believe…

… but somehow, it’s already September! Where did the summer go?

Here at The Metropole, we spent August lining up some excellent content for the autumn. We’re excited to bring you Ho Chi Minh City as our new Metropolis of the Month, to be followed in October by Cleveland, the host city of this year’s SACRPH conference. Tomorrow we will resume our Member of the Week feature–a day late but definitely not a dollar short. On Thursday, stay tuned for our introduction to Ho Chi Minh City and a bibliography of essential readings on that city’s history. And on Friday, an ICYMI post that takes a long durée approach. We’ll catch you up on the history-related web content you missed while you were off doing research (or, even better, vacationing!) in August.

We’re looking forward to the new season here at The Metropole and hope you are also excited to keep reading up on the research, publications, and people that make the Urban History Association such a vital and dynamic organization.

As always, we’d love to collaborate with you! Send us pitches for individual posts or series, or get in touch if you have an exciting new project you want to share with UHA members. And we invite you to start discussions–in the comments section of posts, on Facebook, and on Twitter. The Metropole belongs to its readers, and is better for every contribution that you all make.

Best wishes for a productive, fulfilling autumn,

Avigail, Ryan, and Hope

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