Join our team! Volunteer to Edit the Member of the Week Series

The Member of the Week series has been a cornerstone of The Metropole since its founding in April 2017. Over the past three years, the series has introduced over 90 Urban History Association members and given them a platform to share their work, interests, advice, travel suggestions, and even hobbies.

As The Metropole has grown, the Senior Editors have struggled to juggle the day-to-day management of the blog with the (very fun) job of soliciting Members of the Week and writing tailored lighting round questions. So we are looking for a devoted editor to take on the series and make it their own.

We invite anyone who meets the qualifications below to email a CV and brief letter of introduction (explaining interest in the position) to

Member of the Week Editor, The Metropole


  • MA, ABD, or PhD in urban-related field.
  • Must be a clear, consistent communicator, which includes responding promptly to emails.
  • Must be comfortable cold-emailing contacts.
  • Able to devote 5 hours per month.


  • Identify a diverse selection of UHA members and invite them to participate in The Metropole’s Member of the Week series.
  • Write creative lightning round questions that are personal to the UHA member and allow them to showcase their dynamism.
  • Manage communication with participants throughout the process, including solicitation, follow up reminders, editing, and notification of posting/expression of gratitude.
  • Work with Senior Editors to manage a multi-step editorial process, including setting deadlines and maintaining a publication calendar.
  • Promote the series on social media and via in-person networking at conferences and events.

Although this is a volunteer position, we recognize the value of all labor. To the best of our abilities, we will provide training and feedback in transferable skills such as editing, project management, and team collaboration. This position also has the potential for extensive networking, reading broadly across sub-disciplines, and contributing to the growth of The Metropole and the Urban History Association.

Featured Image: American Newspaper Publishers’ Association, 1895. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress.

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