ICYMI: The “How is it almost February?” Edition

By Avigail Oren

We’re approaching the end of our Metropolis of the Month coverage of Columbia, SC, and I confess that I’m feeling sad about it. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our many contributors and the response from you all, dear readers, has been so enthusiastic. My consolation is that we have one more excellent piece coming up next week, and our upcoming series in February–The City in Fiction–is going to be pretty exceptional.

From our cousins over at the Global Urban History blog, a new post by Benjamin Bryce on the relative lack of ethnic clusters in Buenos Aires.

You will click on “Like a Fart in a Skillet,” from the OAH’s Process blog, because like me you still have the sense of humor of a 12 year old.

UHA member Nick Juravich uses an Arizona school district’s facepalm-inducing plan to provide tiny houses for teachers as a launching point to explore the interconnected issues of educational inequality, segregation, and affordable housing.

This is an older post that I missed when it was published, but is a valuable resource for graduate students struggling with how to pay for mental health care.

Check out this Post Doctoral Fellowship in Prison Studies at NYU

The past few days have been so busy, and I’m relieved and overjoyed that it is Friday. Wishing you all a pleasant weekend!


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