ICYMI: The Happy 2nd Birthday, Global Urban History Blog Edition

Our internet bff, the Global Urban History Blog, just celebrated a major milestone! In recognition of their big birthday, they’re counting down their 10 most-read posts on Twitter:

The despicable, retaliatory shuttering of Gothamist and DNAinfo by billionaire owner Joe Ricketts after staff voted to unionize is a huge loss for urban scholarship.

With the announcement of Senate tax plan yesterday and it’s notable deviations from the House version, it’s unclear what will become of the proposed tax on graduate student tuition. Emily Roberts of Personal Finance for PhDs nonetheless provides a helpful overview of the current propsal and what its implications could be for students.

Did you know there’s an entire world of professor-themed items on Etsy? I’m torn between the “Read the Syllabus” mug and the “Trust Me, I’m a Professor” fanny pack.

And we would be remiss to not feature the most delightful history event of the week:


Have a great weekend!

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